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Testimonials from satisfied proofreading clients

The following are entirely unsolicited and unedited comments from recent clients.

"I have been working with many proofreaders during my masters but honestly,you are the best proofreader I worked with." DJ

"I looked at the file, and I loved it. I cannot thank you enough. You are awesome; I learned a lot from you."  RJ

"Just will like to say thank you for your wonderful work. It is extraordinary, I will absolutely recommend my friend who needs help for proofreading in future."  ASY

"Thank you so much Ann. Just studying all the details you picked on & I'm amazed. You really are brilliant."  KZ

"I’m really satisfied with the proofreading you did several days ago. You’re so professional, patient and highly-efficient." PZ

"Thank you very much for you help. It's been amazing and I feel the thesis is looking much better now. I'm very impressed by the level of service and the quick turnaround. I'd love to be a reference for you should you need it."  MB 

"I am extremely impressed and pleased with the way you have proofread my work.Many thanks once again for such a stupendous work"  SG

"Thank you very much for your work, it's excellent. I will recommend you to my colleagues and I will contact you for futures essays. I can't be more satisfied!!"  SJA

""Ann's dedication and attention to detail has helped me through 3 years. Graduating with a 2.1 has made me very proud. Thank you Ann for your cautious eye and attention to detail." RW

"I sound like a broken record Ann but you are literally great! I honour your work so much. I feel safe giving my work to you. You have never changed my voice. When I hand in I feel safe too as I know your expert eye has scrutinised my writing."  UL

"I'd like to start by thanking you for your swift, professional, and friendly service. You proofread my dissertation and I received the highest mark I have ever received for written work at post-graduate level (80) and won the course prize for my dissertation!" KH

"I had deliberated over whether I should send my precious work off to a proof reader. Ann was the only genuine UK proof reader that I could find.  I admit I was nervous, but I knew that my sentence construction and grammar was not quite where it should have been. Ann's fee was very reasonable.  Ann's work was fabulous – very diligent, good quality, consistent, detailed and swift. Ann had noted aspects of grammar that neither me nor my supervisors had noticed.  It's just so important to get these things right as a misplaced apostrophe could really annoy an examiner.    Thank you Ann, I have already recommended you to my doctoral colleagues.  I can now look forward to the viva with a little more confidence and I'll let you know how that goes."   A very happy doctoral student   Hertfordshire

"Thank you so much for a great job and efficient service. I am really satisfied with you work, which is fast and efficient with affordable price. My supervisor even asked me to recommend your service to other colleagues. Definitely I will recommend you to them." SY, Malaysia

"When starting with my undergraduate studies several years ago, I've been searching for a competent and experienced proofreading service for my assignments. From undergraduate to PhD level, Dr. Williams has successfully edited numerous assignments and articles for me and contributed significantly to my academic achievements. My PhD has been rigorously edited by Dr. Williams and the outcome was impressive, as two articles have been instantly accepted in peer-reviewed journals. Currently, I am pursuing another degree and the proofreading and editing improves my assignments substantially. Besides an excellent and proficient editing, Dr. Williams provides valuable comments and suggestions together with a general feedback. She addresses style, coherence and accuracy of writing alongside a meticulous notification of missing references. Overall, I can definitely recommend Dr. Williams' proofreading service as it makes a profound difference to an article or thesis." ML, Germany

"WOW! I am lost for words! Thank you so much for improving my essay but retaining its necessary components. I am absolutely delighted - thank you so much." YC

"You are simply amazing - what can I say! Thank you!" MC

"Thank you so much.  I am so satisfied with your service and you done it professionally. You are the best!" MBA

"I am looking forward to work with you in the future . Your work is professional, detailed and you are very supportive as well."  MM

"Your comments are so helpful! Thank you so much for returning my paper at such short notice." RH

"That is fantastic! Even I understand what I have written better!!!" AM

"Thank you for proofreading my document. You have managed to convey my meaning with conciseness and with sensitivity to my own style of writing. It is a wonderful service!" MA

"I just wanted to follow up to let you know that my thesis was examined on Friday and I passed with no corrections. Thanks again for the marvelous job you did on the proof reading!" RC

"Can i just say great service, reliable and patient - will definitely make contact again if I need your services" DM

"I honestly don’t know what I would have done without this proof reading service. It’s helped me so much."  AR

"I have received your proofread document. That's an unbeliever perfect and fast work, and I am really satisfied with that! Thank you so much for your wonderful work! I will have another essay soon, please allow me to contact you for another proofreading next time!" ZL

"Thank you very much for your swift and encouraging reply. As usual, the editing is brilliant." ML

"That was a great job! You are my hero! Actually your final touches made it looks better and are an brilliant proofreader!" AAN

"I am VERY VERY happy with this work. It's quick and first class.. I'm recommending you to my friends now because this is really something excellent". AW

"Thank you again for all the effort you have put in my essays, believe me, I'm utterly, totally and sincerely grateful for what you have done, words cannot describe my feelings; all I can say is thank you very much and you have been a great help." AA

"Thank you so much for your incredible fast, and at the same time reliable, service. Your turnaround time of 8 to 24 hours is just fantastic. Frankly, the price is extremely affordable, the return-time is fast and your friendly service is outstanding!" MFC

"Thank you again for your professional service and I introduced you to a couple of friends and they are all amazed by your fantastic work." KL

"I would just like to thank you for your help with my dissertation, as I got a first (72%), which was one of the highest in my year!! Thank you." SC

"I found your service very professional, quick and detailed. i would have no hesitation in recommending you." DO

"Without your help I would have never reached such a mark and I am grateful for that. My tutor mentioned that he has never allocated such high grades before. So you may have an idea of how happy I am now!" ML

"Thank-you so much, it reads so well and without your help I'm sure I would have been marked down again on grammar and syntax. Also thank-you for getting it back so quick. It was such a thorough job." RB

"Many thanks for your quick and immaculate work - I am very impressed by this. I hope we will work again in the future - it's been a pleasure!" DS

"I really appreciate your service - very high quality, cheap and friendly." CC

"Your assistance and the first class service is much appreciated. I am sure to let others know of the excellent service. Looking forward to use your services again in the near future." AA

"Thanks for your superb service. Thanks to you, now I am confident that I can submit this on time." SBG

"Thank you for the GREAT work you have done, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the proofreading. I have told my friends and showed them your work; they will send you their essay in the coming days." AA

"I am very happy with what you've done to my dissertation. I am very surprised at the rapid response. I will tell my friends about your superb work." AY

"I have received the dissertation and I'm delighted with the quick and helpful service you offer. I have recommended you to several of my friends who will be e-mailing you in the very near future. Thank you for your fast, easy, and friendly service." HE

"I just want to say 'thanks' for all the help you gave me with my dissertation. If it was not for you, I think I would have failed my course." KP

"Thanks for your fast and fantastic job." SB

"I am very pleased with what you have done, it has made it a million times better!! CL

"Thank you so much for your thorough editing of my dissertation. You've been incredibly helpful and so accomodating." DJ

"Thank you for your work. I was surprise when I saw every little mistake in my dissertation had been corrected by you carefully. I did not expect your service could be so careful, while charging for such a low price comparing to other tutors. Thank you for making my thesis to be readable. The service you offered saved plenty of time and money for me." LJ

"Thank you so much for all the help you gave me whilst I was preparing the final version of my Ph.D. The speed with which you returned my chapters, fully proof-read and grammar checked, amazed me, and spurred me on in those final days!" KP

"Thanks again for your excellent work. Just like the last time your service was fast and excellent in every way" UR

"I have always been impressed by the quick return of material submitted and your thoroughness" AS

"This useful feedback has allowed me to consistently score excellent marks in my essays". GT

"I would like to say thankyou for your help with my dissertation. I will recommend you...good at what you do and approachable and responsive with it." IF

"Thank you so much for your proof reading, you have achieved a great job with my file. I have accepted all your suggestions and your comments." MM

"Thanks for the good work and the amazing turn-around times! It's been a great re-assurance during the last 2 weeks". PF

"I am really impressed with the way you have proofread my paper and I will definitely get my papers proofread from you in the future" VH

"I am more than pleased with this service - it is excellent!" - JM

"I was amazed at your efficient skill." TT

"I am impressed by the efficiency of your service and the elegance of my proofread dissertation" - LT

"During our work together, many things made me proud of you. Specifically, three main particularities and merits of yourself keep me stick to work with you: (a) your commitment to students, like me, (b) your amenity and kind and honest feelings towards students, at least me, and finally, (c) your professionalism in working and serving students all over the world by using these new technologies." BS

"You are indeed a kind soul and an angel." HA

"Thank you so much for your help. Copies received today and I found your feedback thorough and immensely helpful. I will be back!" SH

"Thank you so much for all your efforts during my LLM . You were very brilliant proofreader, I will recommend all my friends to contact with you in the future." NR


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